According to the Oxford Language Dictionary: a cornerstone is an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.

The education system is shaking due to the fact that the cornerstones upon which it is built are outdated, as was observed last year.

Schooling itself relied on a specific set of cornerstones of learning: instruction, curriculum, assessment, and environment.

So let`s take it one by one: instructions

What is the definition of instruction in education?

The deliberate arrangement of activities (including presentation, practice, feedback, and assessment) designed to facilitate achieving specific learning outcomes

After observing and…

Seeing how schools were operating before the lockdown, you would think that the internet was not yet invented. Technology was seen as a disruptive activity from preschools to high school or used by teachers to fill out time and reward them with free play. Schools are still sending the kids to the library to borrow books that most of them never opened, asking them to look up words in heavy dictionaries and pretend that they do not know what that googling is.

Lockdown hit!

What just happened a few weeks ago to the worldwide educational system was not surprising at all!

Let`s be honest we all knew this is coming!

Maybe not the way that happened.

The moment when kids find themselves alone, locked out from the buildings called school!

What moment is this exactly?

The moment when we can't hide anymore, we can't postpone facing the harsh reality: we are living in the shadow of a dinosaur / that is the system/ for too long.

Living in the shadow may look safe but in the long term, it kills you.

We lost so…

Futureproof Your Kids.

Part 2.

Self Driven Learning

One of Australia’s most successful business people under forty, Ruslan Kogan, was quoted as saying that he had “little respect for formalized learning,” saying that “by the time there is a course for something it has become old technology.”

So the real question is fast becoming how do schools keep up? Is it possible that for many of our kids staying in school actually holds them back?

The solution is educating our kids about: self-driven learning!

Historically, students have never before been responsible for their own learning beyond what is required to perform well in…

SMART Tips for Parents of Digital Natives

Futureproof Your Kids.

Part 1

Futureproof Your Kids

There are millions of articles, debates, and podcasts about what is that we need to teach our kids and students today, so they are prepared for the unpredictable future job market!

Actually, this is the question that comes up most of the time when I talk to parents about education: what is that my child needs to know so she/he is future-proof?

Well, it is hard to predict the future these days, but there are a few skills that definitively will give your kids an advantage in school…

Yesterday I was chilling out in a park.

There were kids roller skating, playing, people walking dogs. Just the usual!

My attention was captured by two teens. One of them was dancing, (and she was good, great movements, flowing choreography) the other one was filming her. The “camera girl” did also very well.

The girl with the camera was moving around, changing angels, while the dancer was moving graciously…they were broadcasting to the world and needed nothing that we a few years ago had to do to get the world’s attention.

Once we believed that dancers need to go to dancing schools and must earn the right to…

First of all, let`s see what is the definition of skills?

Skill is simply: expertise!

To understand better why I consider typing the connector and basic skill, please take a moment and go back to my article and read about Typing -The Connector Element in Today`s Education.

There are two groups of skills that we have:

What are the above skills that you mastered?

To be honest I do not agree with considering having a degree or certificate. is a skill. It is “A”certification of acknowledgment, but not a skill.

Why should a piece of paper, made at a time…

Image Credit: Geralt,

I am really upset every single time I read that kids do not score well on tests, that schools are rated based on these scores and teachers are leaving their jobs because of low ratings, high stress, parents are angry and students are frustrated.

This writing is not about debating do we need or not testing or what is good or wrong with the educational system.

This writing is about how all this affects our kids. This is what matters at the end of the day.

If you are following me, or read my previous article “Dude. what on Earth…

FREE WILL -TO Allow or no to Allow?

Warning: Please read this with an open mind! Go back to your younger self after each paragraph.

Ask yourself the question: How would my life look like if my parents would allow me to make choices and have free will?

After this, you can start reading. With an open mind!

Who are we talking about when we say, kids?

Do we know them, or we assume that they are just like us?

Well, not quite!

Not sure what generation you are?

You can learn more here about your or all generations if…

“Dude, what on Earth are you talking about?”

How many times did you hear that today`s kids are incapable of paying attention, have poor listening skills and they do not follow instructions?

I met teachers, educators and many parents over the last ten years, all exhausted about trying different methods to grab the attention of their kids and students.

I red books and articles about how to make kids listen and follow instructions and met people who applied different educational models, with not much or long term success.

Adults get so frustrated over time and kids do too!

It is…

Education Futurist Hands on Lead Learner

I am a mother and edu-facilitator, author, homemade food addict ,clean water guru and positive attitude junkie, life adventurer and people lover! Now a blogger!

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